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4 Reasons to Visit an Insurance Preferred Auto Body Shop

There are many factors to take into consideration after an accident, including which auto body shop to turn to for assistance. You want one that has highly trained auto body technicians, reasonable rates, and experience handling collision repair. But there’s a fourth criterion that is often overlooked—whether or not the body shop is an insurance preferred business.

In the greater Cincinnati, OH area, Mark’s Auto Body is an auto body repair shop that meets all these prerequisites. The local business has qualified auto body technicians on staff, offers competitive rates with coupons for added discount, and has over 25 years of experience in auto body repair. 
Additionally, Mark’s Auto Body works with most insurance companies, and offers fantastic service as a direct repair auto body shop for a customer.

Here are four perks you can receive if Mark’s Auto Body is a preferred body shop for your insurance:

1. Convenience: If you work with a preferred auto body shop, then the entire process of getting your car fixed is a whole lot simpler. The shop takes over the claim and handles everything from rental scheduling and writing the estimate to getting it approved with the insurance and final billing.
2. Expedited Service: As the direct repair auto body shop, Mark’s Auto Body will bump you up to the top of the queue so you get faster service, and are back in your own car as quickly as possible. 
3. High-Quality Service: The auto body technicians at Mark’s Auto Body are highly trained, and have undergone special training courses like frame welding and painting classes. Courtesy of the ongoing training procedures, they are always up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.
4. Better Parts: As a preferred shop, Mark’s Auto Body has the freedom to choose different parts from original OEM parts and recycles OEM parts.

Reap the benefits of getting your car body repair at an insurance preferred body shop by asking your local auto body shop if they work with your insurance company. And if you're in the Cincinnati area, then give Mark’s Auto Body a call at (513) 731-4273 to see if they are associated with your company.

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