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"Mark's did an excellent job repairing a pretty ugly dent in the side of my door after accidentally hitting my own fence post. My Edge was otherwise in perfect condition, and I was worried about restoring the left side to original condition. Mark's not only gave me a fair quote and stayed within budget, but made the SUV look like brand new again! They were friendly and worked to schedule the repairs to coordinate with my crazy work schedule. I highly recommend!" - Elise

"My car was hit in a parking lot totaling the right hand side. Mark was super helpful with insurance and I had little to worry about. I can say this one of the most painless situations Ive ever had to deal with. The car came out looking brand new, completely detailed and in spectacular condition.( The paintjob was smooth and perfect) I highly reccomend this body shop and i will be back for any further auto body needs! Fantastic experience!"  - Erin

"Extraordinary and quick repair. My car looks brand new again. Excellent customer service. One stop collision service.. appraisal, repair, rental pick up and return at one place. This is my third unfortunate collision but Mark& crew always make my experience delightful and less stressful. Thank you"  - Devan

"I had such a pleasant experience here. Good quality work at a good price - it's hard to find this value. The owner seems very trustworthy. I am so glad I stumbled upon it! Won't go anywhere else."  - Amber

"Although I lived out of state, I paid extra for my car to be towed to Mark's based upon the fact everyone rated him a perfect 5. I concur and have first hand experience as to how great these guys are. They made an unpleasant event (a car accident) as easy and pleasant as possible. I had actually called a different center first. They would not take my car until certain paper work was complete. I called Mark and after a few questions he said just bring it here and we can take care of all the work for you. Every detail was taken car of on the car. They even worked with the car rental so that I did not have to have someone drive me to pick up my completed car. A day after receiving my car I noticed how clean the interior looked. I realized they even dusted and polished my dash and console. Fantastic! all around."  - Albert

"I have been to Marks Auto Body 3 times and each time my car turns out perfect! Mark is so friendly and nice. He is so easy to work with. One time the bumper of my car came off and made it even better than before I brought it in. I just picked up my car today and it looks better than brand new. My mom has been a few times to fix up her car. I don't ever want to go to another auto body shop!"  - Deborah

"Mark is incredibly honest and easy to work with. He made me feel comfortable right away- felt like I had known him for years! I brought a car in for an estimate and we had several conversations about options for repair. There was never any pressure from Mark, and it was clear he had my best interests at heart for a quality repair at the lowest cost. Thank you, Mark, for your excellent customer service. I highly, highly recommend Mark's Auto Body!"  - Donna

"After my car was in an accident, my long-time mechanic told me to take the car to Mark, said Mark would fix it up like new. He was right, Mark and his guys were awesome. Good people to work with, super friendly, got the job done on time and on budget, and the car looks great. Couldn't ask for much more in a body shop. Recommended."  - Nate

"I am now a customer for life. I was referred to Mark two years ago by a mechanic down the road from Mark after I wrecked my car very badly. I thought it was totaled from the untrained eye. I took it to Mark's (State Farm Approved) and picked it up faster than I expected too, in mint condition. Looked brand new. He does excellent work.

Fast forward to present time, and my car starts to act funny. Take it to Tire Discounters for an alignment thinking thats all thats wrong with it, and they tell me my tire rod was messed up (dont know exactly since I know nothing about cars). I call Mark up and tell him that the part he replaced from the wreck was faulty. He remembered my car from the wreck (2 years ago, mind you) and he didnt argue. He told me to bring it in and he would fix it no problem. I did provide a claim number from the wreck. He fixed it up. He told me a couple other issues with my car when he was under it (all described by people at Tire Discounters). His price was HUNDREDS cheaper than Tire Discounters offered. 

He is a stand up guy who stands by his work. No hassle. He is a friendly guy to talk to and a man of his word. He gladly explained to me what was the issues with my car. He even did some work on the side for free! Nothing major, mostly cosmetic (buffed headlights and did some touch up paint on a few rust spots) but still greatly appreciated. 

Take your car to him if you want someone who stands by his work with great customer care. I dont trust mechanics, but I feel comfortable with my car in his hands."  - Eric

"Mark was a lifesaver! I was in Cincinnati as a volunteer for the All-Star Game when a tree fell on the front of my car during a bad storm. I needed to return to Cleveland and was really in a pinch. I am very thankful to have found Mark's Auto Body! I honestly feel he deserves way more than 5 stars! In less than 24 hours, Mark arranged a tow truck to bring my car to his shop, secured some of the damages to get my car into a safe condition for me to drive home, and he arranged for the return of my rental car! I did return home safely thanks to the kindness and expertise of Mark. I only wish I would have had more time in Cincinnati for Mark to complete all the repairs to my vehicle!"  - Dianne

"Mark advocates for his client's well-being by facilitating the payment process, providing quality parts and workmanship, and making sure the vehicle is returned as quickly as possible. He is easy to get in contact with and the shop/office are welcoming. Hopefully, I won't need body work again but I'm glad I know where to go if I do. My Volvo looks as good as new!"  - Jennifer

"Mark was the first and only place I went to and he fixed my car like it was new in only four days! This was my first experience with an accident and Mr. Heflin made it an easy experience."  - Angel

"I just had the pleasure of Mark working on my car. He is a fountain of knowledge and very friendly. The car looked amazing when he was done." - Theresa
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